Saturday, August 18, 2007

Poor choice of name

While bussing back to campus, I saw this:

Blurry image (taken from a bus from across the street, at dusk, etc.),
but the sign definitely says "Hannibal" and it's definitely a restaurant.
Bad. Idea.
Even if it's Hannibal-who-invaded-Italy, it's going to evoke Hannibal-of-"Silence of the Lambs"-Fame.

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Zee said...

Totally not related to anything, but I thought you might appreciate this. I got a cat! We're not sure if it's a guy or a girl yet, but we'll find out at the vet visit on Monday. Either way, it's name will be Mal if it's a boy, River if it's a girl. We were going to go with "Katamari" either way, but I voted that that was more of a kitten name. This cat's pretty laid back.

I can't remember if/what I've told you about it, but it was waiting for me every night when I got off of work for the past month or so. It's crazy friendly and kept trying to get inside. It was really, really desperate to get through the door, but I just assumed it was begging.

Anywho, when it was on my lap Saturday night, I realized that it was declawed and that was why it was so crazy skinny. It was somebody's kitty! It couldn't take care of itself in the wild - so I brought it in.

No fleas, no ticks, no nothing that we can tell, just really skinny. It practically mugged me for food! Once it was inside, it proved to be litterbox trained, won't jump on counters or any tables or desks and is a lap pirate. It wasn't afraid of the new surrounds, just seemed pretty relieved to be inside.

All proper channels have been checked, nobody wants this cat, so I'm calling dibs.

Anywho, pictures of Mal/River on my flickr account: